Virtual Administrative Assistant Services
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I have worked as a CFO. I understand virtual administrative assistant services. I know how you work and what you need. I can provide those vital support services.

Web Design


Make sure your business bookkeeping is accurate and timely.

Web Design

Database Management

Manage all those business cards you gather. Make sure your prospect and business contact database is current and works for you.

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e-Newsletters are an excellent way to keep in touch with your contacts. Keep them professional and consistent and you will see results.

Web Design

Social Media

Social Media is a powerful tool for connecting with potential clients. However, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with posting and responding on a regular basis.

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Virtual Administrative Assistant Services

YOU CAN TALK TO LINDA! Flat out, I just adore that in this crazy world of one-up-man-ship and white-papers, you can sit with Linda and create a practical, real life strategy that WORKS! She's lovely, full of good humor, endlessly patient and full of resources and contacts. What I also love about Linda is her willingness to admit when she needs to bring in experts to help round out a perfect solution. And, most importantly, Linda listens and cares. Regardless of the pricetag or the end game, she has a heart. And in my world, that is priceless.

Carrie Duval Davis ()

Linda's enthusiasm for her work is infectious. Her business judgement is excellent, backed by broad financial experience and a keen sense of what makes a business profitable. It was an honor to have her as a colleague at B2B CFO. She remains a good friend and I value her wise counsel, upbeat attitude and deep competence. Linda will bring real financial value to any business relationship.

Don Bowman ()