125 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Could do for You
Virtual Administrative Support Services

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If you are a small business owner, then you know what it means to be overwhelmed. If fact, you may be so overwhelmed that you are getting in your own way. What do I mean by that? Easy, you are busy working IN your business instead of ON your business. Administrative tasks so consume you, tasks that have nothing to do with generating revenue and serving your customers/clients, that you are not growing your business. That can be a deadly situation for a small business owner.

If this describes you, then it is time for you to make an investment in your business. It is time for you to get some help. It is time for some a virtual assistant.

You may be wondering what you could delegate to a virtual assistant. I’m glad you asked! Below is a list of 125 tasks you could delegate to a virtual assistant. Take a close look at this list and I am willing to bet that you can find something you currently are doing that you could delegate.

​Keep in mind; this is not an all-inclusive list. Working with a virtual assistant depends on what your needs are. A good virtual assistant can adapt to your business and perform tasks you need in a way you require

​Administrative Support

1. Managing calendar/schedule

2. Building or managing databases (of contacts, for example)

3. Booking appointments and calls

4. Making travel arrangements

5. Monitoring voicemail

6. File management (in Google Drive , Dropbox, etc.)

7. Data entry

8. Creating reports

9. Generating forms

10. Preparing slideshows

11. PDF conversions

12. PDF merging or splitting (Google docs or other platforms)

13. Drafting letters, emails, etc.

14. Preparing agendas

15. Sending cards/gifts (for holidays, thank you’s, milestone events, etc.)

16. Setting up spreadsheets

17. Writing speeches

18. Drafting presentation slides

​Customer Service

19. Processing orders

20. Processing refunds

21. Handling customer inquiries

22. Operating live chat

23. Following up on orders, inquiries, etc.

24. Updating member records

25. Inviting/approving requests to join a membership community

Content Production​

26. Sourcing photos

27. Editing photos (including adding text).

28. Formatting posts to be published

29. Augmenting posts with social share options (such as Click toTweet)

30. Adding internal links to posts

31. Adding affiliate links to posts

32. Editing posts

33. Scheduling posts

34. Coordinating with contributors

35. Managing an editorial calendar

36. Topic idea generation

37. Drafting content

38. Topic research

39. Compiling, formatting, and/or uploading e-books

40. Keyword research

Social Media​

41. Promoting new posts across social media

42. Promoting old posts across social media

43. Promoting posts of others across social media

44. Creating unique updates

45. Sharing images/graphics/videos

46. Replying to mentions/messages/comments on social media

47. Designing banners, headers and backgrounds

48. Setting up new pages, accounts, groups, etc.

49. Growing social media followings

50. Uploading Slideshare presentations

Blog/Website Management​

51. Moderating blog comments

52. Updating plugins

53. Repairing/updating broken links

54. Answering comments

55. Making SEO improvements (headlines, page titles, content, images, etc.)

56. Setting up 301 redirects

57. Tracking 404 errors (via a plugin)

58. Reporting trends in blog activity, such as hot topics or comment activity

59. Removing unwanted pages and posts

​E-mail (Inbox) Management

60. Replying to common questions

61. Flagging important messages needing a reply

62. Following up on outgoing emails

63. Deleting spam

64. Unsubscribing from unwanted promotional lists

65. Tagging and archiving emails

66. Forwarding messages and inquiries to other team members

67. Using email plugins to optimize

68. Drafting responses


69. Creating invoice templates

70. Sending invoices

71. Processing payments

72. Managing affiliate payments

73. Updating a profit and loss statement

74. Bookkeeping

​E-Mail Marketing

75. Scheduling email campaigns

76. Designing email templates

77. Setting up autoresponders

78. Managing the newsletter

79. Email list segmentation

80. Scrubbing email lists

81. Editing emails


82. Leaving comments on other blogs

83. Contacting VIPs, potential partners and others on behalf of the client

84. Participating in relevant groups or forums

85. Reaching out to advertisers for ads or sponsored posts

86. Finding guest post opportunities

87. Lead generation

88. Setting up interviews


89. Setting up webinars

90. Providing tech support during webinars

91. Overseeing sales funnels

92. Setting up/managing paid traffic ads

93. Creating newsletters and autoresponder sequences

Audio/Video Production​

94. Write scripts

95. Produce content (such as intro/outros, illustrations, etc.)

96. Scrub and edit content

97. Upload videos to hosting platform (such as YouTube or Wistia)

98. SEO optimization (YouTube, etc.)

99. Upload audio to hosting platforms (such as iTunes)

100. Image editing (basic) for each audio or video piece

101. Inserting audio or video files on blog or website

102. Sharing audio or video files across platforms

103. Audio or video transcription

104. Coordinating interviews

105. Providing background on podcast guests

Website Maintenance​

106. Making security updates

107. Managing backups

108. Setting up new sites

109. Adding new pages

110. Customizing themes

111. Installing plugins

112. Setting up integrations (with social media, mailing lists, etc.)

113. Setting up and integrating a shop page and/or payment gateway

114. Creating a custom favicon

115. Making and installing a custom 404 page


116. Virtual event support

117. Setting up integrations

118. Creating landing pages, splash pages, optin forms, etc.

119. Keyword ranking reports

120. Analytics reports

121. Graphic design

122. Infographic design

123. Setting up affiliate programs

124. Monitoring online reviews

125. Monitoring industry news

This list should have given you lots to think about. There are so many tasks that can be done by a virtual assistant; it just depends on you.

Many thanks to Gina Horkey of HorkeyHandbook for this list. I hope it opens your eyes to what a virtual assistant could do for you.

If you are considering using a virtual assistant, please give me a call. The best place to start the process is to talk. Discussing what your major obstacles are will help me determine how I can best guide you to delegate tasks.

Not sure you want to trust a virtual assistant with your business? See my post on Trusting a Virtual Assistant.

Now, are you ready to invest in your business and push it to the next level? Give me a shout!

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