3 Examples of How a Virtual Assistant Could Work for You!
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3 Examples of How a Virtual Assistant Could Work for You!

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A Virtual Assistant is someone that can take the more mundane, but very necessary, tasks away from the business owner, freeing them up to spend time on more revenue producing and business growing activities. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But exactly what could this person do for you and how does it work?

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As a business owner, you know you are sometimes overwhelmed. How often have you sat doing something so unproductive you cringed and thought to yourself, “I wish I was out meeting new clients?” With a little effort, you can assign those tasks to a VA and spend your time more productively.

I talk to business people that think it is more work to get someone to take over those tasks than it would be worth doing. Not true! If you have a good virtual assistant, they will know how to implement a system that transfers information, creates a follow-up, and takes care of administrative duties.

Let’s take a couple examples.

You go to a networking dinner and really work the room. You meet several excellent prospects with which you are interested in having more in-depth conversations. You go home, empty your pockets of the business cards you have collected and go to bed. The next day you are up and off to a client, or busy with more marketing activities. Several days go by and those business cards are still sitting there. That is an opportunity lost. You needed to contact the prospect while your memory was still fresh in their mind. Like the next day.

So, let’s rewrite this scenario with a virtual assistant. You gather those cards and make a quick note on the back, maybe even a numerical code. One stands for hot, hot, hot, two is follow up quickly, and three is maybe, but not great. You snap a picture of these cards, email them to your VA and go on to your clients, not worrying about it further. Your VA enters these business cards in your contact database, writes a quick note to the contact telling them you enjoyed your meeting and inviting them for a coffee or lunch. The prospect instantly remembers you and responds. The VA logs it into your calendar, sets something up, and you now have a prospective sales conversation scheduled.

Here’s another one. Let’s suppose you bill your clients by the hour. Say you are an attorney, or a CPA, or a personal trainer. You make a note on your calendar how much time you spend with a client. That is all you need to do. Your VA logs into your calendar, enters the time in your billing system, and sends out the invoice. She provides you with a regular report on the invoices that are outstanding, and lets you know if someone is behind with their payment. They could send a gentle email reminder to that person or give them a quick call. You keep your time and watch the money get deposited.

Let’s try one more. Throughout the year, you’re collecting revenue and incurring expenses. At tax time, you have a shoebox full of receipts you can’t remember and you do not know if everyone paid their bill. After hours of digging around, sorting paperwork, and being frustrated, you take a semblance of your documents to the accountant for tax preparation. Ugh!

A VA could keep up with the paperwork on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. As you incur expenses, she records them in a bookkeeping system and at the end of the year, you have full documentation of your finances. She prints a Profit and Loss and a Balance Sheet and off you go to the accountant.

These are just three simple scenarios of how a Virtual Assistant could help you. I didn’t even touch on spreadsheets, PowerPoints, travel arrangements, social media postings, e-Newsletters and email blasts, event planning, marketing support, research, phone support, and many other tasks.

Having a VA just makes good sense. You get to do what you do best. You get to grow your business and service your clients.

Do you have a VA? I’ll be glad to talk to you about how I work with clients.

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