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Why I am a Virtual Administrative Assistant

Who I Am...

I love being a virtual administrative assistant, and here is why.

A holistic view of the business process is how I would describe my approach to business problem solving.

Linda Donegan, your trusted virtual assistant

I began my career in Orlando with Price Waterhouse Coopers​. After a transfer to the Tampa market, I worked with some of the firm's highly visible clients providing audit services. In addition, I gained valuable experience in business function design as a member of an elite problem solving team.

I worked as a Controller and CFO and gained experience in a variety of industries.​

I received by first BSBA at the University of Central Florida with a major in Marketing and a minor emphasis in Management. I followed that up with another BSBA from UCF in Accountancy and a minor emphasis in Finance. I became a CPA in Florida in 1983.

My combined background in Marketing and Accountancy has provided me a broad view of how a business operates, how to expand the business and how it is affected by change. I understand the virtual administrative assistant function and how vital it is to a business running smoothly and being profitable.

​I am active in my church and I enjoy being involved in various charity functions.

I am a rare "Florida native," being born in Miami, growing up in Orlando and I have made Tampa my home for the last 35 years. I live with my husband,Dennis, and we enjoy golf, swimming, travel and spending time with 5 granddaughters.

What I Believe...

Being in business is a complex and difficult task. Being successful in business compounds the difficulty by ten. Most small business owners really, really know how to do what they do. Whether it is coaching, teaching a subject like internet marketing, or making widgets the business owner understand that.

What I find that small business owners do not know is how to manage the business. They believe that they can do it all, and unfortunately, something important invariable falls through the proverbial crack. They get themselves in trouble with their suppliers, they don't collect their invoices, they don't manage their cash or a variety of other administrative tasks.

It is my goal to help small business owners to concentrate on what they do best....their core business. If you think about it, what makes the most sense: 1) spending time talking to prospective clients and servicing current clients, or 2) scanning business cards into a database, making travel arrangements, and balancing the checkbook? I think it is easy to see that productive time is what a business owner should be doing.

So you may be asking, why should you trust me? First, I have the experience that you need. I know virtual administrative assistant services. I take pride in my work and making sure things are ​exactly like you want them to be. I am a self starter and will do what is necessary without being asked or directed. Second, I hold a certificate that I worked very, very hard to get. I am governed by the Board of Accountancy in the State of Florida. I would never jeopardize my certificate. You can go to here and look up my license and see there are no complaints against me, ever.

Third, I like to give new clients a "trial run." If you purchase a package of virtual administrative assistant time, you get two hours free to see if we work well together. If not, I give you your money back.​ No questions asked.

I am proud of my profession, and I hope you will allow me to help you grow your business.​

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