Database Management
Virtual Administrative Support Services

Each time you meet a prospective client, or a great business contact, you exchange business cards. Sometimes keeping up with all those business cards can be overwhelming. 

Image for database management of top administrative assistant Linda Donegan

In order to grow your business, you need to keep in touch with these contacts on a regular basis. Just thinking about it can send you into a frenzy. But what if everytime you received a new business card you sent a picture of it to your VA and it was entered and classified into a database. This database could be used in many different ways to keep your business alive and growing.

Database Management services could include:

  • ​Defining and setting up categories of contacts.
  • Entering all contacts into the database in a regular basis.
  • Follow up letters to all new contacts to keep them "warm."
  • Keep your database current. Delete all non-responsive, returned, blocked or missing contacts.
  • Assure your list is consolidated with email service and newsletter service.

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