Do You Know What Your Prospects Are Talking About?
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Do You Know What Your Prospects Are Talking About?

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Knowing the questions your potential clients are asking is essential for connecting and understanding them. If your thoughts, actions, and focus on your marketing, blogs, tweets, and other social media are not centered on these future clients then you may be letting opportunity slip through your fingers. With a little research, you can hone your marketing message to hit the target with a bull’s eye. Here are three simple tricks you can implement quickly to increase your ability to relate to their concerns and issues.


  1. Do a Twitter search. Have you used the power of a Twitter search? That is where you put a hashtag in front of a phrase and search Twitter for relating conversations. Try it. For example, let’s say you work with small retail shops. Log on to Twitter and in the search box type in #retail. You will see a list of all the discussions going on in Twitter with the word retail in them. You can then click on one of these hashtags and read these conversations. These are their concerns, challenges, and successes. This morning the discussions were on technology, fraud, and getting ready for Mother’s Day. Good information to say the least!
  2. Have you used Quora? This is a question and answer site that many of business people use. Discussions are split into topics. You can search for topics and view conversations that are taking place regarding certain subjects. For instance, today in the retail section of Quora there were discussions about online retailing, retail technology, and what the current megatrends are in the market. Look at what we came up with on Twitter. That makes two discussions on retail technology.
  3. LinkedIn is a gold mine of information. If you enter retail in the search section of LinkedIn and search for groups, you will find there are (as of April 2, 2014) 8,219 groups about retail. If you refine that search to retail technology you will find there are 377 (again, as of April 2, 2014) groups concerned about retail technology.

Okay, so we found that the subject of retail technology appears to be a hot subject in this market. Now what do you do with that information? First, you want to understand what the big concerns are that are being discussed. Then you might want to write an article about the subject and send it to your prospective clients who are in the retail industry.

Just like that you will probably get their attention. Along with a few follow ups (per my blog on follow up here) you have just demonstrated to your prospective retail client that you are aware, concerned, and understand their problems. Do you think they will start to pay attention? I bet they will.

Would you like more help on honing your social media strategy? I can help.

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