Do You Need Help? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions.
Virtual Administrative Support Services


There is a fine line when it comes to administrative work. Most independently employed people, such as small business owners, understand that a certain amount of “grunt” work is necessary. Things such as getting the billings out, keeping track of revenues and expenses, returning phone frustrationcalls, ordering business cards, writing the blogs and articles, posting to social media, making reservations for networking events, creating PowerPoints for presentations and the like all come with the territory. The question is, at what point do you let your business run you instead of you running your business?

Here are five questions to ask yourself in order to answer that question.

  1. How much time do you spend on the weekends doing administrative tasks? If it is more than just an hour or two, you are sacrificing valuable time away from family and friends. What value do you place on that?
  2. Do you follow up on potential leads and referrals quickly and promptly? In this day of connectivity, your prospect has reached out to more than one person for services. Many times the first one to respond gets the appointment. How many times do you respond to a contact and get no return response? That means they have moved on. Quick response can be the difference between securing a new client and losing one.
  3. Do you do proper research before meeting with a new client? The last thing you want to do when you are meeting with a prospective client is start the meeting by asking him/her, “What is your company about?” You should start the meeting by saying, “I understand you company does XXXX.” This shows your prospective client you are interested, you have done your homework, and you are ready to discuss his/her issues. If you are going to the meeting unprepared, you are not giving yourself the best chance to win a new client.
  4. Are you being active and consistent on social media? Social media is a very powerful tool. It helps you increase your visibility, highlight your skills, and activate the interest of perspective clients and referral sources. If you are not posting blogs, using LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and other social media, sending out newsletters, and following up on comments, you are missing opportunities. This is not a hit or miss proposition. In order to get the most out of social media you have to be consistent and present. If you miss a week, you might as well start over; your listeners have moved on.
  5. How much time do you spend entering data on spreadsheets or laboring on how to program a transition into PowerPoint? Time spent on these activities is time you could be spending on marketing your business. At your skill level and with your advanced knowledge base, your time is better spent in meetings with referral sources and potential clients. This is time wasted and your practice will suffer.

If these questions ring a bell for you, maybe you need to consider the value of your time. You don’t have to make a huge commitment to an assistant to make a difference in your practice. Sometimes just a few hours a month can make that difference. You can try it and see if it fits your needs. If it does, it can be a big win for you and the future of your business.

A virtual assistant could be the answer for you. From one hour a month, to a weekly basis, they help you manage all the mundane tasks that can suck up your time. Maybe it is time you think about a virtual assistant?

What do you think?

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