Follow-up is the Key to Success
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Do you ever wonder why a prospective client never becomes a paying client? It might have nothing to do with the client. It might be you. Recent research shows that only 2% of deals are completed with the first meeting. That leaves 98% of business that comes from follow-up discussions or meetings. If your follow-up strategy isn’t good, you are going to lose out.

Following up with prospective clients can take time and a good strategy. If you do it right, you can increase the number of clients you have and keep your pipeline full. Here are three strategies to help you keep your follow up open, friendly, and productive.

  1. Be consistent – First you need to follow up as soon after you meet this person as possible. Drop him/her a quick email thanking them for their time, commenting on a mutual networking event, or something else that you have in common. Do not put your prospect on an email list and send them a monthly newsletter thinking this is enough. If you have a prospective customer with whom you really want to work, you need to keep in front of them. Statistics say it takes seven “touches” before someone will buy. There is a fine line between being a pest and being consistent. What is my rule of thumb? Making contact every other week is a great way to stay in front of a prospect.
  2. Variety – Don’t call your prospect every other week and say something like, “Hi there, just checking in and wondering if you are ready to get started?” This conveys to the prospect that the only thing you are thinking about is getting his/her business. What he/she is interested in is feeling comfortable buying from you. So try setting up an appointment to “see” their place of business and see how they operate. Send them an article about something to do with their industry. Share a bit of news about a mutual acquaintance. Comment on something happening in your community. Ask about an upcoming event in their life you may know about (like a trip, a speech, a new baby or grandchild, new piece of equipment; anything will do). You are developing a relationship with this person. That will get you further than a consistent stream of sales talk.
  3. Show that you understand their situation. Continue to ask questions about the business, comment on a problem he/she was dealing with, offer potential solutions (without giving out too much detail), think about other people you can introduce them to who could be a resource for their business, offer suggestions, and the like. You want to show them you are thinking about their business and what needs to be done. You want them to know you listened to them, you have observed issues and opportunities, and you understand.

Try a follow-up strategy that puts your prospective client’s needs before yours. With this approach, you will find that your pipeline will stay full and your engagements will go up. A Virtual Assistant will make your followup consistent and get your prospects attention.

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