Other Services
Virtual Administrative Support Services

There are many other services where a Virtual Assistant can help you and your business. Below are a few ideas, but we can always talk and work out whatever it is you need most.

​Marketing Support
  • ​Help implement a marketing plan
  • Submitting ads by deadline.
  • Develop and track editorial calendar.
  • Write and submit press releases.
  • Contact clients regarding satisfaction with services.
Event Planning
  • Investigate best place to have event.
  • Investigate best place to have event.
  • Book rooms for event.
  • Assure all AV equipment set up and ready.
  • Help advertise event.
  • Make up check in lists.​
  • Book online events like Teleseminars and/or Webinars.
Graphical Presentations
  • Make up Powerpoint presentation for seminar/webinars.
  • Proficient at animations and sound/video.

Personnel & Human Resources
  • Write advertisement for help wanted.
  • Screen applicants.
  • Perform background checks.
  • Send policies and procedures and other new hire paperwork.
  • Set reminder for reviews.
  • Manage payroll.

  • Competitive research.
  • Construct and run surveys.
  • Organize paperwork, electronic files,​ computer backups, messages.
  • Travel arrangements.
Phone Services
  • ​Take calls to office phone.
  • Make appointments.
  • Deal with cancellations and rescheduling.
  • Look up directions and email.
  • Cover "office" during vacation times.

Website Management
  • Keep website up to date.​
  • Make sure latest postings are on website.
  • Very proficient in Excel.
  • Proficient in Publisher and Word.
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