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Virtual Administrative Support Services

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As a business owner, you have to work smart. There is no gray area here, it's do or die.

You have heard about virtual assistance, right? A person, not located where you are, helping you with your business. Here is a good infographic to see what a VA is and how they work.

Maybe your question is exactly what can a VA do for you? Here is a list of 99 things a VA can do for your business.

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    1. Manage your calendar and/or schedule
    2. Build or manage contacts database
    3. Book appointments and/or calls
    4. Make travel arrangements
    5. Monitor voicemail
    6. Return voicemails in timely manner
    7. File management and organization (Google Drive, Dropbox, Cubby, Tresoit, etc.)
    8. Data entry
    9. Generate forms (customer intake forms, sales contact forms, etc.)
    10. Prepare PowerPoint presentations
    11. PDF conversions from other software
    12. PDF merging or splitting
    13. Draft letters, emails, etc.
    14. Prepare agendas
    15. Prepare collateral material
    16. Send cards, gifts (birthday, holidays, etc.)
    17. Set up spreadsheets
    18. Data entry into spreadsheets
    19. Draft speeches
    20. Draft presentation slides
    21. Process orders
    22. Process refunds
    23. Handle customer inquires
    24. Operate live chat
    25. Follow up on orders, inquires, etc.
    26. Update customer/member records
    27. Invite/approve requests to join community
    28. Source photos
    29. Format posts to be published
    30. Augment posts with social sharing options
    31. Adding internal links to posts
    32. Adding affiliate links to posts
    33. Editing posts
    34. Scheduling posts
    35. Coordination with contributors
    36. Manage editorial calendar
    37. Topic idea generations
    38. Drafting content
    39. Topic research
    40. Compiling, formatting and uploading ebooks
    41. Keyword research
    42. Promoting new posts across social media
    43. Promoting old posts across social media
    44. Promoting posts of others across social media
    45. Creating unique updates
    46. Sharing images/graphics/videos
    47. Replying to mentions/messages/comments on social media
    48. Setting up new pages, accounts, groups, etc.
    49. Growing social media followings
    50. Uploading Slideshare presentaions
    51. Moderating blog comments
    52. Updating plugins
    53. Repairing/updating broken links
    54. Answering comments
    55. Making SEO improvements
    56. Reporting trends in blog activity
    57. Removing unwanted pages and posts
    58. Inbox organization
    59. Replying to common questions
    60. Flagging important messages needing personal attention
    61. Deleting spam
    62. Unsubscribing from unwanted promotional lists
    63. Tagging and archiving emails
    64. Forwarding message and inquiries to other team members
    65. Using email plugins to optimize
    66. Drafting reponses
    67. Creating invoices
    68. Sending invoices
    69. Processing payments
    70. Managing affiliate payments
    71. Update bookkeeping
    72. Follow-up on non-payments
    73. Pay vendors
    74. Produce financial statments for bank, etc.
    75. Schedule email campaigns
    76. Designing email templates
    77. Setting up autoresponders
    78. Creating newsletters
    79. Managing the newsletter
    80. Email list segmentation
    81. Maintenance of email lists
    82. Editing emails
    83. Leaving comments on other blogs
    84. Finding guest post opportunities
    85. Lead generation
    86. Setting up interviews for blog
    87. Setting up webinars
    88. Providing tech support during webinars
    89. Writing scripts for videos
    90. Editing video content
    91. Upload video to platform
    92. Making security updates for website
    93. Managing website backups
    94. Adding new pages
    95. Installing plugins
    96. Event support
    97. Transcription of presentation or podcast
    98. Contacting potential advertisers for website
    99. Coordinate advertising space/timing/invoiceing

    So this is a list of just 99 things a VA can do for you. I bet you can think of a few more. Why not add to my list and post

    them below in the comments?

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